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10 Restaurants in Enugu You Need to Try This Weekend

Posted by Esther on November 15, 2018

Here, in Enugu, I have noticed lots of restaurants and can tell which restaurant is very good at preparing nice and assorted meals and have friendly staff with outstanding service because I have visited some of them. Most persons have developed the habit of eating outside their homes which is not really a bad idea. While some do it each time they are hanging out with friends, some others sincerely do not have the time or the desire to light a stove at home.

We are in a time when people love to relax, have fun and hang out with friends. Most restaurant in Enugu normally witness influx of people especially every evening and during weekends when most people are back from work or don’t have to go to work. Some families, colleagues and friends make it a routine to hang out periodically. They just walk down to a restaurant to have a good time and fill their stomach with different delicacies.

If you live in Enugu, then you shouldn’t be having boring evenings or weekends. Enugu is blessed with so many restaurants that is renowned for serving delicious meals and drinks. Besides, great delicacies, most of them have great facilities and furniture providing their customer with unforgettable experience.

Below are some of the major restaurant in Enugu:
1. Crunches Fried Chicken
This is a quick deal restaurant that gives the excellent varieties of quality food products and matchless services. Their most common visitors are persons looking for a place to eat. Before you head for Crunches, endeavor to go with cash or bank cards for transaction purposes. You can try crunches fried chicken this weekend and enjoy its tasty meal like steak sandwich and their exceptional services. I love it so much because of their assorted meals and delicious chicken. Its location is very safe, by Nise Bus-stop, adjacent to defunct MR. BIGGS, along Agbani Road, Enugu.

2. Genesis
Genesis restaurant has its location at 36, Zik Avenue, Uwani, Enugu and another very close to NOWAS filling station, in Estate layout. What I personally enjoy about this place is their tasty fried rice and chicken with salad. They also deal on varieties of meals such as yam and egg sauce, assorted meat, different kinds of soup, bread, snacks, etc.

3. Dolphin
This is an African Restaurant and bar located at 4, Amokwe Street, Uwani, Enugu and 1c Ekpunobi Street, Otigba Roundabout, Enugu. This restaurant is just a perfect place for either lunch or dinner or for organizing a party. The kind of soup prepared there are ora, egusi, nsala (white soup), vegetable soup, and the likes, assorted meat such as goat meat, chicken, beef, etc. When I visited, I ordered for ukwa and dry fish, it was really yummy. You can do yourself well by trying this restaurant this weekend and make your stomach smile. Their continental dishes such as coconut rice, fried rice is next to none.

4. Celebrities
Celebrities Restaurant is located at No.1 Hospital Avenue, GRA, Enugu. They deal on fast foods, event hall hiring as well as outdoor catering services. Its location is very safe. You can visit celebrities’ restaurant this weekend and give it a trial, you are sure to get optimal satisfaction.

5. Discovery kitchen
Its location is at 98, Chime Avenue, Enugu. Here, customers are treated to the highest Continental and African food at a very good value in a neat and relaxed environment with approachable staff and great service. Ensure you take along with you, enough space in your tummy to try out their nice meal.

6. Chitis
Chitis Restaurant has its location at 97, Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu. This is a modern restaurant that serves fast foods and regular meals. Chitis eatery is usually lively, a destination point for young folk. Small groups also love to meet at Chitis to chat and discuss while enjoying delicious meals and drinks. It is in a safe location and a choice relaxation place for friends, family, colleagues, and social groups to have fun.

7. Open Sharaton
This restaurant is located at 7 Chime Avenue, Enugu. Open Sharaton is just the exact fast food joint for you if you really enjoy been spoiled, the kind of care, worth of food and service that you get from this particular restaurant is next to none. Your sense of taste will never remain the same after your visit.

8. Aaron’s signature
I haven’t visited this restaurant to know what is good about it. But, overheard some persons around my area having good gist about it. I think it’s a nice place to be. I just have to give it a trial someday and see what comes out of it. Its location is at 17 Ibusa Avenue Independence Layout, Enugu.

9. Kilimanjaro
This is the kind of restaurant that is just cut out to meet both your native and continental food desires. It stands out with its lively colors and attractive setting, welcoming customers to dine-in or grab-and-go with the greatest quality meal. Kilimanjaro provides mouth-watering meals, hot snacks, sandwiches, pastries and rich drinks. You can have a fulfilled weekend with their breakfast collections, refresh with the lunch specials, and then relax with their dinner choices. You can find this restaurant at Polo Park Mall, Abakaliki Road, Old GRA, Enugu.

10. Ntachi osa
Ntachi Osa Food is situated at 2/16 Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu city, Enugu. They deal on Local and Continental Dishes, and also offer Indoor and Outdoor Cuisine services. This restaurant sells yummy dishes with good food organization, well made and gracefully served for your enjoyment.

My boss drove me down to this restaurant on a sunny day, I ordered for onugbu (bitter leaf) soup with Semolina, guess what? I really enjoyed the meal and had to go there another day for fried rice and chicken. Please give your stomach a treat by visiting this restaurant this weekend, and enjoy very good homely delicacies.

One thought on “10 Restaurants in Enugu You Need to Try This Weekend

  • Sandra
    on November 17, 2018

    Ok, what of those in shoprite? I need to know hotels in Enugu as well from lowest to highest.


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