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4 Sure Ways To Avoid Fraudulent Property Agents!

Posted by Bentik on September 19, 2018


As real estate investment is taking edge over other investments and now adopting the concept and trend of the digital age, the increasing chances of scamming cannot be overemphasized.

The present economic status of the country has made property agency the last resort for many.

Retirees who are not being paid their pension and gratuity as at when due now fall back on property agency as their source of livelihood. Graduates who are unable to get job or government grants for their business initiatives, market men and women, lawyers just to mention but a few have all pose a threat to property business because they all quakes in the profession.

But I am here to hint you on the tips on how to avoid fraudulent property agents roaming about in the streets.


1. Don’t Be Secretive And Overconfident!


Whenever you come up with the decision of venturing into property deal try to make inquiries and ask questions about real estate business from either friends or relatives. If you are a man discuss it with your wife and grown up child and if you are a woman same approach is applicable, then as for the unmarried folks discuss it with your confidants.  Seek and search for expertise to tap from their wisdom.


2. Don’t Be Hasty!


One of the best baits scam agents employ to lure you into their trap is that they will make the said property HOT , hyping the property , painting a picture of the property as something not worth losing, creating the impression that if you delay you loss the property;  thereby making the purchase chance very slim.

Don’t mind them, don’t allow them squeeze you into their mold. If you’re not given enough time to evaluate your choices and decision by the agent or property owner , it’s not worth it at all. Be smart and wise. Make them no rush you at all……………………. na your money.


3. Don’t Lazy About With Inspection!


Personally and physically inspecting a property you are interested on is indisputably important. Because this will make you know how much value you will be getting for your money.

Never you ask someone to do the inspection for you only for you make payment at the end. Even if you will engage someone to do the inspection for you try to verify the information brought to you by the person or someone you can trust his judgment. And if you are to go for the inspection yourself, don’t go alone and don’t go with the money you want to buy the property with.

Some people might take such risk and be fortunate enough to get away with it but remember this increases the risk of getting scammed or even be killed. Don’t gamble with your life or hard-earned money. Get to know the reason behind the sales. Demand for the particulars belonging to the property like the survey plan if having been surveyed, the title for instance the C of O or registered Power of Attorney E.T.C.

The above-mentioned documents assures you the authenticity of the land in question. A genuine seller will not hesitate to show you this. When the survey plan is shown to you, check the name on the survey plan the seller’s name. On occasions where the name is different, you go for search and check in the State’s Ministry of Lands.

Compare the coordinates found on the survey plan to be sure that they are the same as the ones on the beacon of the land you intend to buying.


4. Don’t Pay Digitally!


After inspection and is time to make payment, always ensure your payment can be traced. By not paying through your mobile App or ATM transfer. It might be a smart way of making payment for other goods and services but when buying for a property, it isn’t.

Make the payment within a banking hall. So that when you deposit the money into the seller’s account with a teller to show for it. The teller would contain the name of the seller for future references in case of eventuality.

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