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5 Things that Predict how Fast your House will Sell

Posted by Uget Properties on November 7, 2018

Families and individuals often have plenty of reasons to move. Sometime it could due to transfer at work, new jobs, loss of job, relocating to another town; say after marriage, moving to be with family members, sickness, shift in lifestyle, inability to keep up with accommodation bills, political reasons, religious reasons and so much more.

Selling fast, and sometime faster than usual is a very good thing. This is the earnest expectation of both agents, realtors and property owners. Whenever the need to sell a home arises, the last things that a landlord would want is for his house to stay in the market for too long a time. Late sales become very undesirable, especially when there is an urgent need, a project at hand, you have packed up and ready to relocate or have already paid up for a new home.

Whether in the commodity market or automobile, the joy of every seller is to get effective demand as soon as possible. The property market is no difference, everyone wants to close the deal within weeks or less.

When you choose to sell, you should have a plan and have the requisite knowledge to be able to predict the odds and chances which are playing for and against the sale of your home. The average time it takes to sell off a home is not static, it’s highly dependent upon market condition and several other factors. In this article we shall be looking at those indices that decides how fast a home could sell.

  1. The price

Arguably, price is usually the primary determinant of sales. The chances of sale will often be tied to selling price. One sure way to influence how quick you house sells is by setting a good price. What is a good price you say? A good price is a mutually satisfying fee arrived at by careful consideration of other market factors. A good price is that price that is a bit below the market value, a price you arrive at based on what similar homes in the town are selling for and your home’s recent appraisal value.  You are mostly likely going to attract quite a number of buyers if your asking price sounds good to prospects, especially if other things are as good as the price.

You can keep the price quite high if you don’t care how long it takes to sell. If you set the price very high, lower price range property hunters would normally miss your listing. Also, remember that whatever direction you choose to go price-wise, your homes is unavoidably competing with other listed homes which may be more beautiful than yours in terms of location, size, or condition or all three factors combined. your best game if you are hoping to sell faster is to set a competitive price.

  1. Room for negotiation

One major reason some listed homes stay too long in the market is when the house owner is unwilling to negotiate the asking price at all. I believe, no matter the amount you wish to sell your home always be willing to negotiate. Negotiation makes room for developing relationships and exploring other business opportunity with prospects. If you are a good marketer or using the services of a realtors who knows their job, you really can help potential buyers see reasons to accept your price, reveal to them some unobvious advantages of your home, and you can sweet-talk them into making some compromise. During negotiation, a willing seller and a serious potential buyer can also see ways of striking a mutually satisfying deal, which may not be entirely financial.

On the other hand, if you are selling a home and have priced it way higher than the market range, and you are not in any way ready to sit down with buyers or when you sit you refuse to blink, then you can be rest assured that your home is going to sit in the market for a good long long time.


  1. Advertise

Reaching amazing number of target audience today is one great way social media is accelerating the ease of doing business. The chances of sales when 100 people sees the home you have put up for sale and when 100,000 people views it are not in any way the same. Do not just hang a ‘for sale’ board on the front door, take the property to your social networks and tell everyone in your network and the public that your beautiful home is up for grab.

Today, the first point of call for most people searching for a home is the internet. This is why you should list your property with a major and popular property listing company in your town.

  1. Use High Quality Picture

When you must have given your home that ‘I’m about to sell’ touch, you need to make home buyers gravitate toward it by presenting it with HD pictures. Images speak volumes and great images are irresistible.  Study shows that listed properties with images, especially well shot photos sell over 50 percent faster  than once without images. The pictures should be taken at special angles that projects the beauty of the whole house. It is better not to use just one image, take good shots of both the external building and the rooms. stage the inside, have it photographed by a an expert. Sometime good pictures of a home are all the marketing effort required to deliver it to a good buyer.

Anytime, potential buyers cannot appreciate the photo presentation of your homes, it obvious they would never show interest. At Ugetproperties we offer you excellent listing services and help you sell faster that you can imagine.

  1. Hire an Agent

It’s vital to employ the services of an agent with proved experience selling homes like yours and one who is familiar with the town. “The real estate agent who knows his enterprise and have the right contacts can hit you a deal within the shortest possible time. They will literally get you the buyer because they have the necessary networks. Some of them have database of property hunters in the city and real estate investors.



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