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7 Things to do to Stay Organized

Posted by Esther on October 19, 2018

Juggling endless family and work responsibilities are serious challenges most people face today. Nursing moms, salespeople and even accountant are complaining of having hectic days almost every day of the week. It now seems getting organized is gradually becoming an impossible feat. Even those who are by nature organized are increasingly finding it difficult to stay collected. It now seems quite difficult or more like an overwhelming task — so much so that many will often put it off entirely and ultimately sink themselves deeper into a disorganization mess.

Disorganization is one of the remote causes of poor productivity, stress, unhappiness, and regular default in meeting deadlines.

Below I have carefully selected simple tips to help you stay organized, maintain personal happiness, achieve your goals and stay on top of your work.

·        Create a to-do list

One thing I will never get tired of is writing. It makes me have a schedule for all my daily activities and puts my mind focused. It is advisable to make a to-do list of what you would want to do in a particular day and do one thing at a time. As for me, I write down those things on a piece of paper because I don’t trust myself to remember all I need to accomplish. Some persons tend to waste their brain power trying to memorize all that they need to do. You can do yourself well by writing those things down and nothing will have to slip over your memory.

·        Discover what works for you

Find out your peak and off-peak period. Understand how your body works, when you are at your best and the period and environment most suited for high efficiency when you are working. Some people are most active in the morning hours, others concentrate more during afternoon while some are nocturnal persons. Schedule major and high priority activities in your peak period, while minor jobs can be handled in your less active period.  Knowing exactly what works for you helps you manage your routine, spread your work appropriately and maximum your strength and time. By getting yourself organized in this manner, you can cut down late deadlines.

·        Don’t allow things pile up

It can be very hard to remain focused when most of your targets for the day or in a month are speedily hitting their deadlines without them been accomplished. The golden secret to remaining effective in life and at work is to do things as at when due. Always ensure that you complete your task for each day and each week. Procrastination is a deadly habit and the major reason why many stay disorganized. Each day when your set out to work, always have your eyes on the finish line and refuse to entertain unnecessary distraction. If you discipline yourself to finish your to-do-list each day, work piling up won’t be your thing and staying organized become easy.

·        Make sure your desk is tidy

A tidy desk is always a happy desk. A desk which is organized will look good to the eyes and you will know where everything is, but on a greater note, it will keep you totally organized with your mind and your things. An orderly works space saves time and energy especially when you are searching for urgently needed documents. When your desk is well organized, you have the mindset and zeal to work. You can as well use drawers or get a little cubby to keep the files or other documents.

·        Work with specific goals and set deadlines

Wise people live by clearly written goals. Every week, month and year, you need to set specific goals you are going to actively pursue. Living without a guiding goal is a major reason why most people are always disorganized. You need to establish realistic goals for yourself at each point in time and also set deadlines or for achieving the targets. This way you are compelled by duty to make judicious use of your time and shut out every source of distraction.

·        Dispose unwanted materials on time

This is one of the coolest ways to stay organized. It is good you organize your office space, your home or anything at all that needs to be put in place. Do not allow unwanted materials to stay around for too long. Actually, as soon as you are sure you won’t be needing a thing or such thing has spoilt or expired, staying organized requires that you dispose such things timely. A clustered and littered room makes for a disorganized life. Ensuring that Trying to place these things in order will make a great difference in how organized everything would turn out to be.

·        Turn the notifications off on your phone

Notifications are really distracting especially when you are at work. It automatically throws your mind off your work and can make you find it difficult to maintain your line of thought and be focused again. For you not to be disorganized, turn off the notification on your phone and put the phone away when you really need absolute concentration.

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