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8 Most dangerous mistake to avoid when building a home

Posted by Tessy on August 14, 2018

Many individuals and companies have experienced some delay and setback in their construction due to several mistake they were unable to handle before embarking on the construction activities. These are the mistake you most avoid when building a new home.


  1. Select your land location: The site you choose will play a major role in your home so it worth making sure you likes the size, shape and view of your lot. You should also consider the surrounding infrastructure such as road, electricity, pipe born water, health care service and quality schools. Even if you don’t have children, consider researching the local schools, a good school system can improve the sales and resale value of your home.


  1. Master how to read bid properly: Don’t be hasty and choose the lowest bidder. It’s quite often that building the house will cost more in the end. There are expenses people don’t consider and they are often unaware that not all builders use the same method of pricing. Knowing a couple of things on how to read and compare tenders will help you decide which contractor is the best fit for you. First you will want to find out what method the contractor is using to create their bid. Most contractors use one of the three methods: square foot pricing, assembly pricing and unity pricing.


  1. Square foot pricing (SFP): This just allots an average price to each square foot of the space; it doesn’t necessarily take into account specific cost of materials for the area.
  2. Assembly pricing (AP): This is a more accurate and detailed, since it is based on how much each component cost to build, instead of just using an average.
  3. Unity pricing (UP): This method consumes to prepare but the most accurate. It’s based on the cost of all the supplies needed


  1. Choosing experienced contractor: The important of hiring experienced contractor cannot be over emphasis since they stand the chance in reviewing building plans for potential problems, estimating the cost of materials and labour, hiring and scheduling employers and subcontractors, obtaining building permits and ordering materials and scheduling deliveries. They will handle the building process, from getting plans approved to managing accounts payable to keep you within budget.

At Ugetproperties we make sure that our member builders have a strong financial history and have experience building     houses.


  1. Select a Home Design: To start a building construction you must have a good sense of materials and the design you are looking for up front, if there are particular materials or building design you love and will satisfy the deed restrictions of your lot, say so early. Your contractor can help you price them out so you can decide whether they fit your budget or worth the investment.
  2. Avoid Making Big Purchase While Building a House: Forget buying costly things like cars, lands etc. when you are in a process of building a house, even though it could be a bargain, you still can’t be sure if some unexpected expenses will appear, and you would find yourself in deep trouble if your backup budget went somewhere else.


  1. Make Changes on Design Phase rather than Construction Phase: Changes during construction process are more expensive than changes during the design phase and that cost isn’t just financial, there may also be delay in acquiring the supplies needed and your timeline might be slowed down by these delays. You can reduce the number of changes by considering your needs early in the process. If you decide exactly what you will like to build early, your architect and building designer will help you to incorporate those features into initial design.


  1. Trying to cut every Corner on the Budget: Even though it’s tempting don’t try to save up some money by choosing the cheaper materials like windows, doors, roofing sheet that will need to be replaced in three to four years’ time. Search for quality materials quality contractor and quality workers. If you are worried about making costly mistakes when you are building a new home let Ugetproperties do some of the leg work for you. This can reduce any headaches in the future and can help you avoid some of these mistakes. After all this is your home that you are building and you may be planning to stay for a long time.


  1. Consider your Home Resale Value: Be aware that very unique home has a limited pool of potential buyers. If you are building a home shaped like a space ship or white house reconstruction, keep in mind that selling your home may be challenging. Many of these houses require unconventional marketing strategies and owners need to be prepare for a long time before they sell. Whether you plan to sell your house in a few years or live in it for a long time it is worth taking a little extra time to consider your home staying power.        


Interested in personal advice from a team of Ugetproperties? Please visit our site www.Ugetproperty.com or call 08099555502.



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