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Electrical and Electronic Components Used in Various Projects

Posted by Esther on July 19, 2018

Basic electrical and electronic components can be found in peripherals circuits such as the mother board, hard disks, etc. Some circuits are designed with various components such as transformers, fuses, resistors, switches, etc. This write up gives details about various kinds of electrical and electronic components which can be used in different electrical and electronic projects. The components which controls and provides energy are the active components while the components that stores energy and responds to the flow of voltage, is known as the passive components. These classification of components are utilized in building circuits. Below are some of the electrical and electronic components used in projects;



This is an electrical device and it is made up of 2 coils of wire connected by an iron core. It gives much required ability of changing both the level of voltage and current easily. Its main function is to increase (step-up) or decrease (step-down) the AC voltages. The law with which it works on is the principle of law of Faraday of electronic induction, which means a mutual inductance transformer that is between two circuits and connected by a magnetic flux. With the assistance of a mutual induction between inductions in line with two winding without connection electrically, the transformer can convert energy electrically from a circuit to the other. Power can also be converted from a circuit to the other. Thus, with a different voltage.



This is a bit of wire through which the components are protected from damage as a result of the flow of excess current through them. The wire gets heated up and probably gets broken when there is an excess flow of current through the circuit, which stops the flow of current. Part of the fuse absorbs energy when the fuse melts as a result of an overflow of current.

The fuse gives a sign if a fault arises within the circuit when it blows. Its element is made of aluminium, zinc, copper or silver to gain genuine features which may be swallowed by air.



A current moves through the resistor, the resistor captivates the voltage and reprobates within the method of heat. Adjustable and attached resistances which are likely to be found in trimmers, photo resistors, hamsters and thermistors may be features of resistors. The movement of current through a resistor is directly proportional to the voltage through the terminals of the resistor. The connection is seen by ohm’s law which states that degeneracy as a result of the resistance and its resistance units is ohms.

Thus, its equation


Where V-      Conductor voltage

I-       Current through the conductor

R-       Conductor Resistance



The capacitor consist of two terminal linear passive component which is made from two conductive plates having an insulator between them. It upholds the control even when its been detached from the power supply. Its core task is that, it supplies voltage immediately an electrical control is enforced onto its terminals from a power supply. It can serve as a filter to permit the AC signs and wedge the DC signs. A capacitor is engaged with a resistor in a circuit timing.


Integrated Circuit

It is usually called IC as its abbreviation and also known as chip. It is a semiconductor device where several transistors, resistors and capacitors are invented or made of. The chip will function as either linear or nonlinear dependent on its use. Linear ICs have constantly flexible O/P which is determined by the level of I/P signal.



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