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Solar Energy: the solution to electricity problem in Nigeria

Posted by Uget Properties on May 9, 2019

Solar Energy: the solution to electricity problem in Nigeria

UP NEPA! A Nigerian phrase that informs the restoration of power after a certain time of interruption is undoubtedly the two most powerful words that brings hope and strength to an average Nigerian. It gives a reaffirmation that yet again, Nigerians have been through a season of blackout and have survived one more time. Typically, every Nigerian feels a sense of relieve when power is restored in the area. But in some areas, “Up NEPA has long been forgotten.”

The upsurge of unstable power supply in Nigeria is believed by many to be the reason why the country might never fall into the category of developing countries of the world. This is seen on daily basis with businesses packing up their activities in the country, leaving thousands of Nigerians unemployed due to epileptic power supply. A large number of Nigerians have watched their businesses disappear into thin air while other sectors suffer major setbacks due to lack of power. So many people in Nigeria have given up on the hope of having constant electricity supply, not because it cannot be achieved but all factors necessary to its achievement are consistently being undermined by regulatory challenges and problems resulting from bad leadership.

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However, Nigeria’s electricity problem does not mainly revolve around power generation but also transmission and distribution. A Businessday report showed that power generation in the country is about 8,000 megawatts capacity but transmission and distribution can only take about 5,000 and 4,600 megawatts capacity respectively.  As a result of the uneven transmission and distribution system, power supply is affected and reduced to the barest minimum. 

Shall we now pollute our way to steady light?

    In a bid to realise self-power generation, Nigerians have embraced electricity generators.

The gizmo which serves as a quick rescue to epileptic power supply in Nigeria has unfortunately become a major tool for environmental pollution. In highly industrial cities like Lagos, Abuja and Aba, the fumes and noise from industrial generators constantly being released directly into the streets and the environment are hazardous. These are off course primary air pollutants. Not only does these big generators pollute the streets, the small “I better pass my neighbor” (in Nigerian parlance) generating sets by the door and side of most Nigerian homes are as dangerous as their industrial equivalents. As a matter of fact, the carbon monoxide (a dangerous invisible gas) that emanates from generator sets when inhaled, has been attributed to be one of the causes of rising death polls in Nigeria; where thousands of individuals and families have died in their sleep from fumes spewing out of their generators. A popular Lagos story in 2018 records a family that died in their sleep after inhaling the unhealthy exhaust from their highly unmaintained mini electricity generating set. 

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In light of the energy crises facing the country, renewable energy and precisely solar power is the energy solution to be given serious consideration in Nigeria. Due to the weather condition in the country which is predominantly sunny, the solar energy potential in the country is more than enough to meet the power demands of homes and businesses in the country.

Cleaner and safer energy supply system.

 Solar power system can be most importantly used as an alternative for gas electricity generators and other fossil fuels for power generation. Gaining its energy from direct sunlight, solar system does not pollute the environment and has no negative effects on the environment, climate and eco system. With solar power, you do not have to worry about fumes and disturbing noise pollutions in your area.  

In recent times, Nigeria have lost thousands of people in attacks resulting from insurgencies from deadly terrorist group (Boko Haram) and herdsmen, hence cannot afford to lose any more lives to environmental pollution.

  Solar power system is now affordable and easy to maintenance

  Solar power system is the source of power with the easiest and cheapest maintenance requirement. This power source is also increasingly affordable, with several company offering different pocket-friendly payment plan, you really can start enjoying steady power supply. After purchase, solar energy does not need external fuel and lubricants to run like power generating set. The initial cost of solar installation might be a bit high, but that is all that is needed for you to begin to have uninterrupted power supply.

Solar system gets its energy from direct sunlight which is a natural gift to humanity, therefore you do not need to hurry to the petrol station and stand on the queue just to get fuel to power your house.

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 Nigerians and businesses in Nigeria should not continue to suffer. Solar energy is a reliable and sustainable alternative means of power which can guarantee uninterrupted power supply; translating to comfort at home and high productivity in business.

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