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Posted by Pearl Mberede on July 20, 2019

There is a huge technological advancement in the solar energy sector; solar energy is no longer just solar panels and batteries. These days so many gadgets have integrated the use of solar as their source of energy supply.

If you are looking forward to going green, and still don’t know some of the cool solar home appliances and gadget to go for, chill and relax because this article will thrill you with awesome solar home appliances and gadget you can go for.

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1.Solar Oven

Just as the name implies, it makes use of the energy from the sun to cook your food. If you are thinking of integrating a solar appliance in your kitchen, this is definitely good, and you get to save energy too.

2 .Solar Heater

Solar water heater is great gadget to integrate in your home; they are cost effective in the long run and efficient. Solar water heater is used to make hot water for your home.

3. Solar  Fridge

Here is another amazing solar appliance to use in your home. A solar-powered fridge is a fridge that runs on energy provided by the sun. This fridge may come with photovoltaic or solar thermal energy.

4. Solar Lantern

Solar lantern is a must have in any home, the worry about charging them is completely solved by using the solar panel. 

5. Solar Fan

A solar fan which is similar to conventional fan, is a mechanical fan powered by solar panel. The solar panels here are either mounted on the device or are installed independently. Solar fans usually do not require any other source of power other than solar energy which is gotten through the from the sun.

6. Solar Power Bank

Power banks are popular these days; they are used to charge our devices like phones, tablets and mp3 players. The good thing about using power banks is that, they serve as backup power when you run out of power in your device. But the issue is, charging these power banks when their battery runs out.

 Solar power bank is very efficient and recharging is effortless and easy. The sun gives us free energy; this free energy is used to charge your solar power bank through the attached solar panel, which is of course portable.

7. Solar Generator

Solar generators are energy system that uses solar panels to harness the sun’s energy, these energy are stored in portable storage system for later use.

This is an amazing house appliance, anyone thinking of going green or having an alternative power supply should go for this.

The good part of this solar generator is that, they are portable and so, suitable for going to camps, use in boats, also ideal for students living off campus.

8. Solar Trees

Another cool solar home appliance to go for is the solar tree. Here the little panels are arranged in a tree form to receive energy from the sun, which is stored in an in built battery. The inbuilt battery stores energy which is used to charge our devices.

9.Solar Garden Light

Lighting up your garden can never be effortless and beautiful if you are not using solar garden light. The solar panels are attached on the light or incorporated in the light. 

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