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Success tips for real estate agents in Nigeria

Posted by Uget Properties on April 2, 2019
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In Nigeria, a lot of people claim to be real estate agents. In fact, anyone who has information about an available property automatically claims to be a real estate agent. This is not exactly how it works in developed economies of the world. In the western world, real estate is a professional occupation reserved for those with the requisite education and relevant license. Without proper certification and state approval you cannot deal in real estate in some of these countries.

However, The Nigeria Real Estate marketing is rapidly evolving. Gradually, the market is becoming more dynamic and requiring some skill sets to navigate. Anyone desiring to flow with the current trend, remain relevant and make the most of the market must brace up with the changes.

A real estate agent deals with developers, property owners, landlords, Town Planning Authority, buyers, sellers, real estate firms, renters and Lawyers. Knowing how to relate with the above listed parties in the real estate market is key to becoming a successful real estate agent. The following tips will help any new entrant build a successful career as a real estate agent.

Get Trained as a real estate agent

Good training is the bedrock of success in any profession. As Nigeria real estate market evolves, only skilled agents will be able to keep up with the pace in the market. As a beginner, you can apply for internship with big property firms in Nigeria. Such internship program will expose you to invaluable resources, successful and established agents, training and network. You can also sign up for courses with professional real estate training program either online or offline. Quite a number of firms are now offering courses for real estate agents especially in places like Abuja and Lagos. At such training, you learn and develop special skills required for the market.

Get a Business Plan

Starting a career in property agency is no difference from starting a small business. just like any other venture, you need a well-researched business plan to get started. You should study the property market of your state, understand the dynamics, challenges and potentials. One of the things good business planning helps you do is finding the appropriate niche for a successful take off. When you find a suitable niche, you get less turbulent take off, manage your meagre resources and maximize your strength.

Network with fellow real estate agents and agencies

Nothing kills business or career like isolation. It is not good to be a lone ranger in the real estate market. The key to your success or failure largely lies with the network you are able to build or otherwise. Actually, everyone in business is looking for a profitable association. If you can prove yourself highly useful, most established estate firms will love to use your skills and network and in exchange, pass on smaller brief for you to close.

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Be Customer Oriented

In todays’ business world, what makes a difference between company X and company Y is quality of service. What distinguishes Banks A, B and C is no longer name or products but efficient services. There will be thousands of agents and agencies in your state, offering same things as you and the only way to distinguish your business and becoming choice destination for property hunters and property owners is to be known as a customer-centric agent. If your clients are consistently delighted with your services, they will trust you, vouch for you, send you referrals and return for a repeat business anytime they have any property business to do.

  A popular adage says, “one good turn deserves another”. This holds true everything in any business. Satisfied customers are the best form of advertisement for your company and services. Think out of the box and sometimes, go out of your way to delight your old and new clients. The reward is always guaranteed.

Stick with Integrity

The future of every business depends a lot on the level of confidence and trust you build in clients after they have done business with you. Integrity speaks volume. It determines whether there will be a repeat business or not. You should build a character and reputation that existing, new and potential clients can always bank on. This is the surest way to building a business that will last. No amount of profit should make you cheat or defraud a customer knowingly; because nobody wishes to return to the shop of a dishonest man. Any client lost on the grounds of lack of integrity is usually lost forever. Often too, just like satisfied client go around spreading good report, dissatisfied customers also go around painting you black, thereby dissuading potential clients from doing business with you. The consequences of unfaithfulness in business is far-reaching and sometime irredeemable.

Maximize the internet and social media platforms

The internet is helping a lot of people and companies achieve extraordinary reach in advertisement, engagement and marketing today. Every of your online and social media presence should help in publicizing your real estate business. Create a business page where you can advertise your listing. You can also register and list your properties with established property listing firms. This way you don’t remain a local champion. Engage social media user and find how best to serve their needs. find us on Facebook.

Get to know your state very well

To succeed in real estate business, you have to know virtually every nook and cranny of the town you are in. You should not restrict yourself to your immediate neighborhood. You have to move around, meet people, visit new places, network with people, ask question and hunt for deals anyway in your town. Day-by-day, properties are declared vacant and it is very diligent agents that get the first listing right. Successful agents are so proactive and up-to-date that they aware of properties that will be vacant in 6-months’ time and buildings that will be ready even in 9months period.

Develop excellent communication skills

Real estate agent job is in most ways a sales profession. Developing good communication, persuasion and negotiation skills is a sure way to build a successful career as an estate agent. Learning how best to engage all categories of clients with different needs at each point is key to becoming a preferred agent. Most people lose businesses, connections and clients due to poor communication. Customers are kings and whoever treat them as such receives a kingly reward time and again.

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