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The fastest way to find buyers for your property in Ni...

Finding buyers for a property in Nigeria is by no means an easy task. It is a daring and a herculean job. In fact, the less experienced you are in the real estate market, the harder and longer it takes to sale

Real Estate Agents

Success tips for real estate agents in Nigeria

A real estate agent deals with developers, property owners, landlords, Town Planning Authority, buyers, sellers, real estate firms, renters and Lawyers. Knowing how to relate with the above listed parties in the real estate market is key to becoming a successful real estate agent.

Common Mistakes People make when selling their propert...

Common Mistakes People make when selling their properties A lot of properties are usually up for sale all over Nigeria every year. Unfortunately, while a few get sold within weeks many do not attract a single buyer year after year. Off course, this could be quite frustrating and portend business loss. This often make a huge difference between discerning property owners and rigid landlords …

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