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5 Ways to Avoid Fraudulent Land Agents

There is a growing concern about the high rate of fraud and scam in the country. It is beginning to seem, like no one is trustworthy and sincere these days.  The real estate sector didn’t go unaffected by this nasty trend, in fact there is a rampage on the increasing number of land scammers currently. It would be self-deceiving for anyone to think that …

how to appraise and determine the value of a property

How to appraise and determine the value of a property

Appraisal is a process that helps to determine the value or current market value of a property. Determining the value of a property is not just based on what it cost to develop the property but what someone is willing to pay for it.

what you need to know about Governor's consent

GOVERNOR’S CONSENT: What you should know

A governor’s consent is therefore a document issued by the state government to a land, real estate or other property owner in the state, citing that he/she has purchased and have a full right of occupancy of the property.

The fastest way to find buyers for your property in Ni...

Finding buyers for a property in Nigeria is by no means an easy task. It is a daring and a herculean job. In fact, the less experienced you are in the real estate market, the harder and longer it takes to sale

Real Estate Agents

Success tips for real estate agents in Nigeria

A real estate agent deals with developers, property owners, landlords, Town Planning Authority, buyers, sellers, real estate firms, renters and Lawyers. Knowing how to relate with the above listed parties in the real estate market is key to becoming a successful real estate agent.

How To Pick Ideal Location For Investment Properties

Location, location, location – that is the real estate pros way of inferring that location is the most important factor in the real estate business. Choosing a location is particularly core to real estate investing. Whenever the purpose of acquiring a property is purely for business, the need to pick a perfect location becomes non-negotiable. To have a clean and smooth start in real …

How the real estate commission works in Nigeria

  The real estate business in the last 2-3 decades has become arguably the most lucrative business in Nigeria. Not just in Nigeria but all over the world. There is hardly any Forbes listed decabillionaire who does not have substantial real estate investment. It is a sector, that according to its current level of organization in Nigeria does not discriminate against people with little …

Checklist for Home Buyers

Purchasing a home is a huge choice and a thoughtful financial asset – while for most individuals, it appears to be the costliest purchase they will ever think of making. There’s much to ponder about, so it is necessary you have a checklist so you don’t fail to recall anything that is so vital. Here’s a standard guide to the things you’ll need to think …

The Importance Of Safety Around Swimming Pools

Swimming is a great recreational sport, a beautiful way to relax and bond. However, it is important to know how to be safe while you’re in water or around the swimming pools in order to prevent accidents. We must be particular about following safety measures to prevent life-threatening dangers and accidents. Here are some reasons why pool safety is extremely important: (1) To prevent …

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Am guessing you are already aware that a listing with images attracts a lot more attention than ones without. Whether you are a vendor, a realtor or an agent involved in the sale of a home, it’s vital that you make an outstanding first impression and photography is sometimes the only chance there is to convince buyers to fall in love with your property. …

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