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Things to consider before you relocate in Nigeria

Posted by Pearl Mberede on August 2, 2019

Change is constant, so, it is definitely not out of place to change environment, city or state. But before you do that, there are things to consider before you relocate to a new place within Nigeria.

There are a lot of reasons that could lead to a person relocating. According to statistics, an average person moves 4-5 times in their lifetime. 

Few years ago, I decided  to move to a new home, let’s say ,I needed to change environment, as I have lived in my old neighborhood for more than ten years, I felt the time was right and I needed something fresh. Well like any other persons, I had imagined what my new home should look like, “beauty!!” “beauty!!”, was all that mattered to me.

 I remember telling my friends, I wanted a house that had tiled floor, new building and all that, funny enough, my budget was relatively tight, and so there was a snag to my test.

But at least I set a budget, which was something right to me. After frustrating weeks of search, and still nothing that suits my ideal home, I became desperate, as I was running out of time in my old house, because my rent was almost due.

Probably I should have started much earlier, sincerely speaking I thought, moving to a new environment should be fun and easy, trust me I was wrong.

Finally, I got a place that had my idea “beauty”, the house was tiled, and the serene was simply cool, out of excitement I didn’t consider other essential things, I was carried away by the fact that the house looked good and the environment was calm, which of course is not a bad thing. 

Swiftly, I made payments and packed in. That was a wrong move which I regretted.

Firstly, they had poor electricity supply; I didn’t put this into consideration. Secondly, the location of the house was far from my place of work, funny enough, this should have been one of the first things, I would have considered.

I didn’t do proper environmental research. The means of transportation was difficult and this was frustrating. I couldn’t cope with everything, I decided to move yet again, but this time, I made sure I prepared well and made necessary consideration.

A lot of reason could prompt someone to relocate, it can be as a result of employment which is one of the biggest factors (greener pastures) that leads to relocation in Nigeria, it could also be, because of business and school. Whatever the reason might be, there are a number of things to consider before doing so.

6 Keys things to consider before Relocating

Before making that big decision to relocate, here are important things to consider, to ensure you make a smooth transition.

1.Understanding the reason behind your relocation decision

This is very crucial and important, knowing the reason for your relocation will help you tailor your mind, to what you want to improve on, for instance if you are moving because of the location of your job, then the main priority should be nearness to your office or place of work.

If it’s because of high cost of living in your particular state or city, then your aim should be to move to a more affordable environment. By understanding the reason for your relocation, your decision at every point of relocation process will be tailored towards that reason.

2. Security

This is one of the most important factors to consider before you relocate. You don’t want to always look over your head every time of the day. Ensure you do proper questioning, to find out the security nature of the place. Always remember that safety is an utmost priority.

3. Environment of the place you want to relocate to

Whether, you plan your relocation to be a short-term thing or long-term, it is very important; you consider the environment of where you want to move to, always sort to ask question, do necessary findings to make sure it’s a place you can cope in.

If after making your enquire and you feel, there are some things you are not comfortable with, I advise you hold on, recess and re-evaluate. This is to prevent regrettable decision.

4. Electricity Supply

Generally, Nigeria is suffering from epileptic power supply but it is necessary you ask questions concerning the power supply situation in the new area you want to relocate to. Some areas suffer worse power supply or are not even connected to the national grid.  Regardless of which, it is best you make plans for an alternative. The most popular alternative is the use of generator, but if you want to access a better alternative, which produces less noise, saves cost on the long run and effective, then you should go for solar energy. To access the best and latest solar energy appliance, best of all at competitive prices, visit Ugetstore.

5. Proximity to work, market and other land mark

It is essential to note and put into consideration, closeness of your new home to important landmarks. Firstly, your place of work, because this is  going to be your daily route, then secondly market, hospital, place of worship etc. you don’t always want to travel miles away to get things done.

6. Get ready to adapt

It is almost impossible to move to a new area, state or city with exactly the same features and lifestyle. There will be definitely, different mode of living. It is advisable to move to the environment with an open mind, so that adjusting to their lifestyle will not be a suicide mission.

To assist and take the stress off you, visit Ugetproperties for genuine houses around Nigeria. Do you find this article interesting or useful? Drop your comments and thoughts in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for fresh updates.

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