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Tips: When Looking for Affordable Houses

Posted by Pearl Mberede on June 7, 2019

Looking for a house can be tasking and difficult, most especially when you are looking for an affordable house in the Nigeria. A lot of factors and consideration will come into place.

It is perfectly okay not to know where to start and believe me you are not alone on this. This article is aimed at giving quick and easy tips to walk you through the process of obtaining that perfect accommodation at affordable rates.

Now that you are ready, let’s go through these amazing tips together.

5 Easy tips: When looking for affordable Houses in Nigeria

1. Set a Budget

This is the first and most important thing to put into consideration. Having a definite budget will enable you and your real estate agents to know where and how to start searching for houses within your means.

While setting up your budget, make sure you try to be as realistic as possible, put into consideration the changing market, and of course make a budget which is within your means, so that you don’t box yourself into financial distress when you are about to finalize the deal.

One key thing to note when setting a budget is to go for a house which you can really afford. Plan how you would source the fund and make sure you create room for miscellaneous expenses. A lot of side expenses usually go with buying or renting a home.

2. List out Basic Living Needs

Now that you have successfully set your budget, the next important thing to do is to list the basic things you would want to have in your new house. Anyone running on a tight budget, must be realistic, reasonable and focused on real needs not just whatever will be good to have around.

The key goal here is to get the basic standard home, not luxury and fantasy house. So, state out the basic, and necessary things you want in the house, while making sure it is feasible and within your budget.

Haven done the things mentioned above, you are certainly on the right path towards obtaining that amazing and affordable house in Nigeria but you aren’t done yet, we have still few more easy tips to give you.

3. Find out places you can get affordable houses in your area.

Getting enough information will in no doubt place you ahead and up your game in achieving your aim of accessing affordable houses in Nigeria, this is definitely an important tool. The question to ask now is, how can I go about doing my research?

Well that’s why we are here, Ugetproperties is one of the most trusted property hubs in Nigeria. One of the core goals of Ugetproperties is helping all class of Nigerians to access affordable houses and homes in their preferred locations. Our robust and user-friendly property listing website is always stocked with genuine and verified houses listed from all parts of Nigeria. Check out our site to find some of the very affordable houses in your neighborhood.

4. Contact A good Real Estate Agent

Having a good and experienced real Estate agent will help in so many ways in finding some of the best affordable houses in Neighborhood. A good real estate agent will provide you with valid information which will enable you to make the right decisions, negotiations well, and ultimately avoid fraudulent and encumbered houses.

One other key benefit of engaging a real estate is that agents are usually in networks and in groups for the purpose of sharing listing and property briefs from client, this way finding house a for a client becomes easier.

 It’s also necessary to take, getting a good real estate serious, as they are so many people with little experience going around as professionals when they know little about the market. 

5. Inspect the house

This is as important as setting up your budget, it is highly encouraged and should not be overlooked. By inspecting the house, you would be able to know whether it meets up to your stated standard.

Also, check out for necessary changes and repairs that you will have to make and  make sure this changes do not exceed your budget, if it does, it will be necessary you factor it in during negotiation so as to get a good price which will offset the necessary repairs you are to do.

Whenever hug repairs are needed to put a house in order, you need to do proper assessment to determine what the repairs will cost. It is always advisable to have a professional do the assessment in other to cover all grounds and provide you with exact condition of the house.

Having a good knowledge of what it cost to put a house in shape will help you in bargaining for a good price, remember you are working on tight budget and you don’t want to be cut-up mid-way.  

Accessing affordable houses in Nigeria should not be a death sentence project after you follow the easy tips stated above. Now you are all set, kick start your house search.

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